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      São Bernado do Campo - SP - Brazil

      Kleber Tadeu Jeronimo


      Chemist, Pharmacist, Sales Manager, nature lover, birdwatcher, scuba diver...

      I love photo! I was only 6 when i took the first pic using my own cam!

      I do not photograph captive animals!

      Awards (7)

      Report Species of Kleber Tadeu Jeronimo

      Amphibians (3 Species)
      • Total of Amphibians 3 Species
      Birds (234 Species)
      • Total of Birds 234 Species
      Fish (13 Species)
      • Total of Fish 13 Species
      Invertebrates (71 Species)
      • Total of Invertebrates 71 Species
      Mammal (12 Species)
      • Total of Mammal 12 Species
      Reptiles (13 Species)
      • Total of Reptiles 13 Species
      Not categorized species (0 Species)
      • Total of Not categorized species 0 Species
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